What Might The 2019 Masters Bring?

The annual Masters Tournament at Augusta National in Georgia is not only professional golf’s first Major of the year, it is probably the sport’s most popular tournament to bet on. As a private bookie running and managing your own independent sportsbook. The Masters is also a great way to boost your bottom line in April coming off the recent Final Four and national title game for men’s college basketball.

The trick to making the most of this unique betting event is working closely with your pay per head bookie software provider in building out your board with as many betting options as possible. There are any number of ways to bet on the Masters starting with the most basic bets on the actual winner.

Building out your board with a wide variety of Masters’ betting options is also a great way to level the playing field with all the big commercial sportsbooks taking action on this tournament. Your edge is the high level of customer service and personal attention that you can provide your betting customers. However, you never want to give any of your bettors a reason to place a wager someplace else because that action was not on your board.

Basic Masters Bets

The most basic way someone can bet on the Masters is on the outright winner. This is also the hardest bet to win given the depth of talent in the field. This should always be your lead-in betting option given its money-making ability. You will probably take in quite a few bets for the top favorites such as Rory McIlroy (+700), Dustin Johnson (+1000) and Tiger Woods (+1200). However, since only one player can win you should still walk away with a nice profit on all the bets you book.

You should also post betting odds for a Top 5, Top 10 and Top 20 finish. These are a few other basic bets that are popular with anyone who likes to bet on golf.

Head-to-Head Matchups

The most popular way to bet on golf for anyone who is serious about making money on this sport is head-to-head matchups. Betting odds can be posted for each individual round of for the results for the tournament as a whole. When it comes to winning a head-to-head bet, the golfer bet on only has to finish higher than the other player they are pitted against.

Since your price per head shop should be able to supply betting odds for a myriad of head-to-head matchups, you will be able to spread out the action across multiple betting possibilities. This makes it easy to balance out bets as well as hedge them with multiple matchups.

For example, if you post betting odds for Tiger Woods vs. Rory McIlroy, you should also have Woods paired against some other popular golfers such as Jordan Spieth, Ricky Fowler and Bubba Watson. This will help you spread the money across more of the Masters’ field.

Masters Props

The list of prop bet options for the Masters grows longer and longer every year. This is where you can really turn a profit on all the additional bets coming in. Some of the more interesting props for this year’s tournaments include:

  • Will the winner shoot in the 60’s for all four rounds?
  • Will an Albatross (Double Eagle) be registered in any of the four rounds?
  • The OVER/UNDER on the highest round posted (84.5)
  • The OVER/UNDER on the most strokes for any hole (8.5)

This list goes on and on to cover just about every aspect of this tournament. You could even post a list of props just for Tiger Woods. He is still the sport’s biggest draw and now that he is back in championship form, he is bound to command more attention this year. Some of the basic props for Woods include:

  • Lowest completed round (OVER/UNDER 68.5)
  • Actual score of his first hole in his first round
  • OVER/UNDER 72 for his first round score
  • Will Woods go bogey free in any of the rounds he completes?

This is a small sampling of the type of props you can post just for Woods. You can also expand your board with individual props for some of the other big-named golfers in the field.