Why You Should Choose a Pay Per Head Solution Over Traditional Concepts

Soon, bettors will start placing their bets with you. You will make good profits, enjoy running your business, and even contemplate expanding to other territories. However, you must bet on the best partner too, and it’s not the traditional way of launching and running a bookie.

Today, the best solution is to use pay per head services. Below, we find a couple of reasons PPH is your best bet over traditional concepts.


Cost is a primary determiner for many things. For example, you can choose a three, four, or five star hotel depending on how much you are willing to spend. You can miss out on spending your time at a five-star hotel if your budget is limited.

Similarly, some entrepreneurs are unable to launch their bookies due to high costs. What they do not know is that they can use a pay per head solution to launch instead of breaking their back with debts.

Starting a bookie the traditional way will cost you a lot of money for web development, salaries for employees, and other operational costs. However, when you use price per head services, you can reduce the start-up cost by over a half.

Notably, a pay per head solution can be comprehensive. This means that you can get a betting template integrated with software, customer service,betting markets, a casino, and other tools. Meanwhile, you will pay for the comprehensive package a weekly affordable fee.

Comprehensive Service and Customer Support

When you take the traditional concept to launch your bookie, you have to partner with individual service providers. So, you will get your website developed by a separate company from the one providing sportsbook software, payment solutions and others.

On the other hand, pay per head companies take care of all processes. It creates a payment system so that you do not have to partner with individual bank processors, gives you access to its call center and much more. Ideally, you will get a ready to use betting platform.

PayPerHead247 Got Your Back

PayPerHead247 is all about its clients. it literally has your back. So, if you are thinking about launching a bookie or would love to upgrade from your current PPH provider, PayPerHead247 should be your next destination.

PayPerHead247 charges the cheapest cost for its comprehensive package. With only $7 per player, this site provides betting markets, anonymous deposit methods, 24/7 customer service, horse racing platform and much more.

So, if you are looking to spend less, keep your players happy, and enjoy running your bookie, PayPerHead247 is the right fit. Contact the company today and ask for a free trial to jumpstart your career in bookmaking.